How we launched a new spread and helped orangutans at the same time.

Palm oil manufacturing is having a big impact on the world’s environment – and in particular, on the natural habitat of orangutans.

So to highlight the new palm oil free spread from Nuttelex, a small team from The Sanford Partnership flew in to Borneo to film rescued and orphaned orangutans at the Orangutan Foundation International Care Centre in Kalimantan, as well as orangutans released back into the wild in the Tanjung Puting National Park.

A tight budget and the logistics of getting a film crew into the jungle were all challenges the agency faced and overcame.

The new spread is one of the first spreads in the world to be made with coconut oil, not palm oil. Beside the significant health advantages of coconut oil, the fact the spread does not contain any palm oil is good news for the orangutans of Borneo.

Nuttelex have pledged a donation from every tub of the new Coconut Oil spread to OFI Australia. The money is used to buy, protect and replenish natural habitat in Borneo.

The team, headed by CD Matt Burgess, met a host of visionary people on the shoot, including Dr Birute Galdikas, founder of Orangutan Foundation International. Dr Galdikas first came to Borneo in 1971 and is a contemporary of renowned environmentalists Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall.

“To meet Dr Galdikas and get her blessing was a tremendous honour. We are also extremely grateful to Kobe Steele, President of Orangutan Foundation International – Australia. This project would not have been possible without her passion and support.” Burgess said

The TVC was shot by veteran DOP Barry Malseed and Emmy award winning composer Christopher Elves donated his time to work on the project.

As well as the TV, The Sanford Partnership designed the packaging, and produced the total campaign including, Magazines, online and POS. A social media campaign was also developed.

So far, the results have been outstanding, with strong sales and an overwhelmingly positive consumer response via social media. The Nuttelex brand itself has also benefited, with market share increasing to 14% nationally.

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