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To be successful, every piece of communication needs to evolve from a strong strategic foundation.

Our undertaking begins with a strategic blueprint to help us define and then refine our client’s brand direction and positioning. Often we’re more like a brand strategy agency than an advertising agency,

Take our iconic client, Nuttelex, for example:

First introduced onto the Australian market in 1932, for decades Nuttelex was a standalone, single product – available in a largely white pack and consumed by an ageing customer base.

Consumer research was conducted which clearly identified Nuttelex as a healthier spread than either butter or margarine. This helped us to create the powerful positioning statement: “Nuttelex: The Healthy Alternative”.

Armed with this hardworking new positioning and working closely with Nuttelex management, the Sanford Partnership saw the opportunity to grow both the range – and the brand.

First of all, we updated Nuttelex Original’s pack colour and design to make it look far more contemporary, without alienating its traditional audience.

We then developed a whole new suite of packaging for consumer-friendly, health-orientated variants, including new Nuttelex Lite, Olive, Pulse, Buttery, and Coconut Oil.

Each of these was also showcased in an eye-catching and stylish new range of packs – while new export products and markets have also been developed with outstanding success.

Today, Nuttelex is the largest 100% Australian Owned and Made producer of spreads in the country.

Nuttelex Packaging

Nuttelex Pulse

Nuttelex Coconut Oil

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